Walking distance from the Silver Sands. This little diner is where the locals pop in for breakfast and lunch. Very friendly staff and a good variety of eats for not much money. Family owned and operated for 42 years! Nice convivial atmosphere.
​Vivian F
Raleigh, North Carolina

Fantastic pancakes, scrambled eggs and orange juice. The place was very clean and the staff very friendly. We will come again!

Canton of Zurich, Switzerland

This is a family owned restaurant, has been on the island for 40 years! this is a small island with 4 shopping centers if you are not EXCELLENT at what you do....whatever that is , you will not survive on Key Biscayne. 
Celebrating their 40th year in Biz should tell you a LOT about this place, there is always a wait, good things are worth waiting for, sits maybe 25 max, its a small hole in the wall BUT SPOTLESSLY CLEAN and they cook right in front of you, so NO BUGS OF ANY KIND!
Their place shines shines shines, service is like a fifty's diner as a matter fact the best way to describe this place and pace...is imagine you stepped back in time.... and are visiting Mayberry......almost expecting Sheriff Andy and Barney to come strolling in. Opens at 5:00 am for you early risers, closes at 3:00, tell you anything about how good the food is?
They have the luxury of closing that early! Super cheap excellent food in a family place.....doesn't get better than this! pure old school charm! KUDOS to my CUBAN FRIENDS! Job well done! I LOVE THIS ISLAND I CALL IT HOME:}

Hollywood, Florida

No Donuts these days but a great old school long diner counter with family service. If you get tired on overpaying for breakfast at the Ritz head across the street to The Donut Gallery. We had traditional breakfast for 2 for less than $20 and a great burger next day.

Ft Worth, Texas

We eat here everytime we visit Miami. The breakfast food is delicious and the prices are great! The staff was very friendly and personable. The Doughnut Gallery is a must visit.

Curtis B
Indianapolis, Indiana

What a perfectly quaint and historical diner!! The food is simple and the atmosphere was perfect!  Especially loved looking at the wall of photos of thousands of people who have been to this special place. Could totally imagine President Nixon and his secret service coming in to eat and clearing the joint out. I'm just sorry I didn't order the pancakes, which everyone seems to be recommending here! Very warm and welcoming service. I would so come back if ever in Key Biscayne again!

​Elisa B.
Barstow, CA

My girlfriend and I come down to the Key every year to work the Sony Open tennis tournament. We always go to The Donut Gallery for breakfast at least once, if not twice, while we are here. We love the food, the atmosphere, and Nelson and his staff are always happy to help you. We are amazed that Nelson remembers that I drink blk coffee and my girlfriend has a side of milk with hers. We didint even have to ask for it!


DG is an interesting place to say the least. The staff here is very attentive despite the fact that they seem to be moving 200 mph within the constricted confines of the tiny diner. As far as the food, the place offers your standard diner selection. By far the star of the show was their Zumex natural orange juice maker which diligently squeezes out the finest cup of Gold liquid ever to hit human lips. It is probably the most affordable place to grab a bite in Key Biscayne.

Vince G.
Miami, FL

Great diner that has been around 40 years or so.  Fast, cheap, with a warm atmosphere.  An asset to the key.

David M.
Key Biscayne, FL

I have stopped by twice so far for breakfast and definitely plan to return. The first time I had  a turkey sandwich and although I thought it was great, I jealously stared over at a 5 year old boy eating what had to be the most delicious stack of chocolate chip pancakes I have ever seen. 
So I went back and ordered one of their combos, making the chocolate chip upgrade and went to town on those bad boys.
​The prices are good and the service is even "gooder"!
I definitely recommend the place.

Carlos S.
Manhattan, NY

Take your family for a beautiful drive to Key Biscayne.  Stop at this diner and let them see how Americans ate before fast food and Starbucks littered every corner of our country. 
Its loud, crowded and a little expensive, but it works.  My waitress, Lauri, somehow got our complicated order correct without even writing it down.  My son's apple juice was taken away before he finished and replaced with a fresh bottle no charge.  
Its fun to watch the husband and wife owners/chef bark back and forth the orders and watch it all delivered with perfect choreography.  
Too bad there aren't more places like this left, but they have had this going for 40 years.  

Spencer A.
​Miami, FL

Key Biscayne staple. This place fits all my requirements for a place to revisit often:

1. Enjoyable

2. Cheap

3. Fast service 

Thomas G.

​Aurora, CO

If you want good food and a friendly & proper Service then visit this Place. It's just great! The location isn't the newest and biggest but its clean and relaxed.

Christoph H.
Embrach, Switzerland

Little cute place, with good typical food, brunch is good, and the service is excellent. The waitress is really fun and sweet.

Ana C.
​New York, NY

We ate here every morning during our stay in Key Biscayne. The breakfast food was phenomenal. I would definitely not agree that the food is "no frills" but the restaurant definitely would fall under that category as far as scenery/ambiance. I had the Spanish omelette and some kind of amazing French toast sandwich with eggs, ham, bacon and veggies that was perfect for a pregnant lady (me)! The staff was extremely personable and we made "friends" with several since we were there several days in a row. If you're looking for delicious home made food and hanging with the locals at one of the only places you can avoid breaking the bank on the island, this is it!

Rebecca D.
Roanoke, TX

Old school diner. Standard american breakfast fare. Ala carte or specials. No frills except for the service which is HIGHLY attentive. Social. Fast and friendly but not "fast food". I can't think of a better value family dining option on the key. Locals love it for a reason. Limited seating. If a wait is necessary, it will be brief. Lots of smiles in this place.

Dan C
Fort Myers, Florida

I lived on Key Biscayne almost 25 years ago and Donut Gallery was one of my favorite places for breakfast back in those days. It still is, and it hasn't changed much at all. Still a great breakfast and nice local people. I always have eggs over well, bacon, grits, whole wheat toast and coffee and they do it right...


Mount Dora, FL​

​My friend and I found ourselves so bored with brunch choices in our C. Grove and South Beach hoods that we decided to head on over to Key Biscayne. We decided to see what the Donut Gallery had to offer after reading all the reviews. 
Much to this NYers delight, it is indeed a diner! For real diner. Now as folk mention, it's tiiiiiiiiiiny. In fact as you're circling that roundabout by the church looking for it, you'll be surprised to find it. FYI, it's tucked away in the strip mall sort of adjacent from the church roundabout.
I ordered a veggie burger with lettuce, onions and an egg on top. Love an egg. Tasty and wonderful.​ My friend ordered a poached egg and asked for a side of peanut butter for her toast. She was given a spoon with a fantastically huge scoop of PB...it was awesome. The family run, no frills scene was refreshing and very welcomed. It was so worth an afternoon away from South Beach, felt like being in the normal world. After our meal, we hit the neighboring Golden Hog...review to follow!

We'll be returning to the Donut Gallery soon!

Lou D.
Miami Beach, FL

The Donut Gallery is a CLASSIC! Diner food at its best and with fast and friendly service. The Ted's Special is the bomb as is everything else in this place. And you can't beat the price, compared to anywhere on the Key and probably the rest of Miami. Key Biscayne is a beautiful paradise and the Donut Gallery is awesome reminder of the laid back beach lifestyle of the Island. Frequented by cool mix of wealthy South Americans, famous stars (Key residents like Andy Garcia are regulars), European snow birds, and Key Rats, you'll enjoy the company as much as the homestyle food. They have added fresh squeezed orange juice and cuban coffee to the menu and have a new cook that is solid. It's worth the drive over the beautiful bridges to Key Biscayne, having breakfast and spend the day at Bill Baggs Park or Crandon Beach. Truly paradise.

Debra R.
Henrico, VA

Such a cute Mom and Pop Dinner , the food was delicious and is prepared right In front of you . The restaurant is tiny so if you are coming with a big group you might want to come early . The staff was very attentive and friendly . Price was reasonable for the amount of food you were served.
Denise A.
Boynton Beach, FL

Thank You for all the wonderful and kind words over the years. You mean the world to us. 


The Donut Gallery Staff

“Best Breakfast Joint Ever!”

Jordan T.
​Nashville, Tennessee
Donut Gallery Reviews
Donut Gallery Reviews

Iconic diner once frequented by Key Biscayne's resident, President Nixon and his Secret Service.  No more donuts. But there's now Cuban coffee, freshly squeezed oranges,  and full American breakfasts.  The young, unaccompanied skateboarders next to us wisely spent their breakfast money on pancakes & vanilla shakes. I prefer the counter seating:  Even the tall, glamorous couple on the other side of me liked the well worn step between the counter and floor to prop one's feet.

Jamie R.
Naples, FL

Fantastic little hole in the wall!!!  Good food, great friendly service!!!  There are lots of choices.  Good for families but not a lot of seating.

​Matthew G.
Pleasant Hill, CA

Donut Gallery Reviews
Donut Gallery is a family owned restaurant and has been a staple of Key Biscayne life since I was born (and far before from my understanding). I grew up on Key Biscayne and the quick and tasty breakfast from Donut Gallery is hard to beat in a pinch - especially before a beach day.

My personal favorite is the Ted Special (Bacon, Ham, Cheese, Tomato and Egg, served open face on an English muffin) with hash browns and a side of banana chocolate chip pancakes. 

Their service is fast and you'll feel like part of the family while you sit on one of the stools and look over the photos on the wall. 

​Peter P.
Miami, FL

Long before the trendy open kitchen restaurant there existed the traditional American roadside diner where your food was prepared a few yards from your table and served hot and savory. This kind of food you will discover at this unpretentious little restaurant in a strip mall a few steps from the main (and perhaps only) traffic signal on Key Biscayne. They no longer display trays of donuts at their entrance but have kept their original name and serve other foods that will satisfy every appetite.

Alfred F

Can't put into words how great the Donut Gallery is. Food is great. Staff is even better. I come down a few days a year, one among a boatload of tourists that pile through there, yet Nelson never fails to recognize me by name each year. Haven't started a day in KB without Donut Gallery in a long time. Can't wait til the next trip down. Already tasting the banana pancakes!

Georgia B.
Miami, FL

Donut Gallery Diner

This place was awesome. It was a true diner experience. We are staying at the Ritz Carlton but will forego those fancy expensive restaurants to eat breakfast here. It's cheap, it's loud but it's great. Food is cooked to order and served quickly. Coffee is perfect. Loved it!

​Michael H.
Kernersville, NC

Down from Maryland and always looking for a great diner.  Classic counter with friendly people working it. Had the teds special and it was fantastic. ESP after a nice 6 mile run!  French toast stuffed with bacon ham two eggs cheese and tomato!  Sounded over the top and it was!  Fresh oj was great.​​

​Ken S.
Washington, DC